2020 Hindsight

My virtual buckle is down there, dammit!

2020 was a burning dumpster fire. Ultras got pounded. In the midst of all that, some events were able to safely proceed, and magic happened. Our friends at Ultrarunning Magazine have the stats. They do that way better than I.

Predictions... Really? 

The following is a tossed salad of the sober and surreal. You decide which.

Marquee races like Western States and Hardrock may or may not happen, depending on how fucked up the 'Rona vaccine rollouts are, combined with Avoidable Dumbfuck Super-Spreader Events. Smaller races are also impacted. Currently LA County is on lockdown.

Angeles Crest 100 is listed as happening, but we'll see after the winter storms and Bobcat Fire trail-washouts and tree deadfalls have their way. A huge majority of that course was incinerated this past October. The last word from the USFS was that it was closed for the next several years. There's enough trail work for all entrants and more, as the USFS is perennially starved of funds.

One of my correspondents suggested that very long running shorts would be a hot topic in '21. If so Courtney Dauwalter has a commanding lead, because she doesn't give a fuck.

I'll venture that the perennial dark horse of ultra-nutrition will be Inuit-Salvadoran Fusion Cuisine. First sighted in 1979, blubber and black beans, now in convenient 3oz packets, will definitely make an impression.

New opportunities for Brand Ambassadorks will surface, as companies jostle for visibility. 

So there you have it. 

How soon is now?





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