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Just playing thru, don't mind me...

"Just playing thru, don't mind me..." Portrait by Howie Stern. Now buy his photos. In finest Ray Miller 50/50 tradition, I was chicked and dicked right from the start. Being surrounded by all that fine talent can only put my race into perspective. Such seriousness and devotion to purpose!  In classic Olde English Ailing it would be “Beowulf Watch!”, only I was the slo-mo. "Tell us about the race, Mr Trail Safety!" Alright. I started slow and it only got slower. I was 2min/mile slower than the last  RM50k outing . It's been a colorful interlude. Nothing like finding out through acupuncture that rewiring over 20 years of anatomical malpractice takes time. Butt! I digress. As my talent has fled the stage, Tempis Fugit, Et Merde®™, my final refuge in ultras is merely hanging on. International Orange was the color of my spirit animal that day. That morning I made back my entry fee by parking cars on the highway at $20 a pop. Even the signs warning