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Whole Lotto Love, Again

Lotteries are a reality in 100-mile ultras. RealEndurance. com's Gary Wang summarized that " The sport has grown more than 10x in last 20 years. In 1996, there were 973 runners finished an 100 miler, and there were only 18 100m events." Several images swiped from In l ate 2016, Hard Rock 100 was accused by Aaron Denberg; alleging fraud in the raffle system, insider favoritism, and financial hardship by runners who’ve spent $17,000 to get to the starting line. Where he got that $17k number is beyond me. But it seems to fuel a lawsuit animus. Denberg also alleges misconduct in the trail-work process, scree spillage etc. All this is chickenshit compared to what the USFS deals with on a daily basi s; especially in light of a savage in coming Trump Administration and its bla zing l ove for all things logging, mining, fr acking and drilling. Western States has had a lottery since 1981 . The draw is public, and you’re welcome to sit in the Plac