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Chompin' Chia

Guaranteed to ruin your weekend. What started it all: -----Original Message----- From: [redacted ] To: yetanother time suck_List Sent: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 8:22 am Subject: Chia seeds I recently read in a race report that some runners where trying chia seeds during their runs (yes, the "chia pet" seeds). They appearantly have incredible water absorbtion qualities and when eaten are supposed to buffer glycogen and electrolytes - and that supposedly helps keep you better hydrated and prevents energy dips and spikes. So - I decided to order some to check it out, and am curious if anyone on the list has tried it before. Have any tips? recipes? how do you actually use it during a run, do you eat the seeds raw or turn it into a gel? leading to: Begin forwarded message: From: mrtrailsafety Date: June 20, 2007 12:45:39 PM PDT To: Karl Cc: Subject: Fwd: Chia seeds Hi Bad Karl: I think you need to answer this lost soul: In honor of your Great Wisdom, I wanted to leech your brai

Straight Outta 1965

Straight outta 1965. And hunting season never closes on signs either.