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Sarah Palin

The sudden rise of Sarah Palin prompted me to think about Andrei Codresceu's "Blood Countess" . Imagine what might happen if Johnny Mac dies on the campaign trail. Do you think Palin is going to let Cindy and Karl stop her? I don't think so. The tiger is well and truly out of the cage now. My money is that once she gets her sea-legs, she'll chew her way through these flabby white men like a chainsaw. More disturbing about Palin is her glittering capacity for cruelty. I have no beef on hunters who eat what they kill, but shooting wolves out of a helicopter is cold-blooded serial murder. If she's so much the shit, and the Freepers are jacking off in a frenzy over her, how come she doesn't run on foot and give chase with a spear? Furthermore, if she's all about less government, what's with the Books She Didn't Like as mayor of Wasilla? The first thing these self-styled Big Faith /Small Government types like to do is get inside your head and t