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Don't Fear The Päcer

The following item was part of a recent Trail Workshop recently held on Mt Wilson-Phillips here in Satanic SoCal. The garroulous keener know as Ray Manzrek was channeled in order to provide background noise. "Betty Davis Eyes" provided by Kim Carnes. The featured vocalist was Barney, washed up and recently rehabbed ex-child star. He was accompanied by the Gary Coleman Sackbutt Chorus, with ocarina solo by Richard Clayderman. Mr Barney took center stage at the Kylie Minogue Dinner Theater Amphitheatre at the Mr T Cyclonic Experience. Sponge Bob watched from the wings. A smouldering midget pile of PallMall 100s testified to the strain that the Purple One had been under. Don't Fear The Päcer (with insincere apologies to the Blue Oyster Cult) All our splits have come Here but now they're gone, Barking Ducks don't fear the pacer Nor do the wind, the sun and the rain, We can run where they are Come on baby, don't fear the pacer Baby take my hand, don't f