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Rising Up, Dropping Down

Drop-downs are a logical response of RDs not wanting to have people dropping at remote aid stations, putting a load onto a tight evacuation scenario. This is recent, and yes, I've used it. I'd rather walk my way out of a race-day gone bad than be stuck somewhere.

RD's really don't want to haul you out. If you do, you'll be riding on a pile of gear. They also don't want an expensive, bad publicity evacuation if things go really bad. This is another good reason not to have themed costume aid stations.

There's a widening talent spectrum in ultras. Its a logical outcome of the boom in the last 10 years. 

More people getting into it, and here are some indicators.
the widening gap between the super-talented and the mid to back of pack runnersthe rise of the drop-down option in racessocial media plays a role here. Its a fact, not a blame. People get all jizzed up, and then race day reality kicks in.The talent bell curve gets larger. More people in, and a wider partici…