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Hundo Newbie Asks For Tips

Jesus pops a selfie. Or it could be a Brand Ambassador sponsored runner. Just before the 2013 Angeles Crest 100, Robert Whited,  as our Candide in the Best Of All Possible Ultra Worlds, asked the AC100 Facebook Page the following brilliant pre-race question: “I’m a newbie to hundos, do you have any tips?” Sensing a deep need for enlightenment, men and a woman stepped up and shared out their wisdom.  Read on! Marcus England: The whole course is runnable. Running the uphills is the key to glory. August 1 at 8:04am · Unlike · 7 Howie Stern: Slather yourself in salad oil. August 1 at 8:05am via mobile · Unlike · 4 Robert Whited: Slather and run all the uphills...check. I’m a finicky eater on a vegan diet. Will the aid stations cater to me? August 1 at 8:07am · Like Marcus England: Make sure you follow the course markings, despite your obvious need to always go sharply to the right... August 1 at 8:07am · Unlike · 5 Rainer Schulz: take a lot of selfies to