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Framing the argument. Ultras have now matured so that people work at cheating on them.  It's always something.  I've suspected it in various 50ks, 50-milers, and a few 100-milers.  Marathons had their wakeup with Rosie Ruiz, and her 1980 subway-assisted Boston Marathon win . Cheating can occur in the following scenarios: Races with interior loops, staffed by volunteers, with little or no help, and irregular contact with other volunteers running HAM and finish line duties Long stretches were people can get rides without scrutiny Out & back sections with no monitoring, or proof of completion Where trails parallel paved or graded roads Cheating has always been rumored, but the rise in timing chip/Garminesque GPS tech watches has closed the gap. Provided the registered entrant is wearing the watch etc.   This will percolate downwards into the sport. Time-testing will undoubtedly accompany drug-testing in marquee races.  Race directors don't get a pass on