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24.99 Facts About Me

1. The money I didn't make in my earlier years was inversely proportional to the cool things I was doing 2. I shoot film in mid-century semi-vintage cameras. By the time I die I'll be shooting with an 8x10 view camera using very slow film. 3. I'm really glad I quit smoking. Everything. In 1981. 4. I've been riding bikes since I was 7 yrs old. The thrill never fades. 5. Garlic and cayenne are Nature's way of saying you're special 6. I hate looking for work 7. I don't believe in God, or any of the prophets. My religious notions reside between Haitian Voudou and Tibetan Buddhism 8. I have better friends now than I ever did before. 9. Other people do marriage way better than me. 10. I've got at least 5 good photo books in me. Getting them out is going to be the fun part. 11. Tango gave me a new viewpoint. 12. I need to travel more. 13. Espresso 14. 86% of the drivers in Los Angeles should be on bicycles—everyone would benefit. 15. My math gra