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Long Trail Speed Record Governing Body

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:32:55 -0700 Recently questions have been asked about governing bodies regarding "Long trail speed records" The point of contention is Courtney Campbell's attempt on Sam Swisher-mcClure's record on the Appalachian Trail. Mr Trail Safety has decided to clarify matters before the next blister pops. Here are his comments: I. THE GOVERNING BODY Yes, there is a governing body that concerns itself with Long Trail Speed Records. This board [the LTSRGB] is headquartered in the same anonymous converted 1920s powerhouse near Lincoln, NE that houses the Board Of Standards For Peripatetic Velocity. Nimble readers will recall that this Board governs Running Streaks. II. GENERAL RULES: 1] All attempts are recorded by passive infrarometers at terminal trailheads. 2] The LTSRGB governs all attempts at all trails on the North American continent, with exception to treaty zones covered by the Braunoutte-Pinchloaffe Accords of 1922. 3] Attempt verification