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Eco-Betties, Cycling…And You

Years of cycling in this strange city and I’ve seen all kinds of weird shit. One of my faves was a chubby Latina backing her Scion mini-brick out of her driveway. She was on her cell, and balancing a plate of tamales with her right hand. Or the eco-betty driving her Prius, and giving me the stink-eye because I just happened to get in her way as she was coming down an offramp. Another moron decided he just had to yell at me. I caught him at the light, leaned into the car, and blew my whistle. Loud. “Man, you scared me!” His eardrums had ruptured, blood was seeping out. His girlfriend had a resigned look on her face. Yeah, you scared me too. Go fuck yourself. Do I hate motorists? Of course I do. All of you dicks are not paying attention, ever. Your inattention is now my problem. Shouldn’t be, but is. So it’s generic. Last Saturday I was at the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market. It’s a sweet little deal. I’d ridden over to do my weekly greens run. Between the annoying guitarist and the flower