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Backbone Trail 68 & 100 Postscript

"A man alone with his thoughts lives in a crowded house" –Dr Sevende Sandia, obscure Mexican mystic, as quoted in "Westwards The Flow Of Empirical", 1968, Coprolite Press, p 666 The BBT68 is a low-elevation Wasatch, a course that mocks the smugness of "Cali Carpet-Trails" jibes heard periodically.  BBT68 winner Jeff Browning ran it as if it was paved. His 11:36 FKT is refreshing because a disinterested 3rd party was running the timer. Also note that the BBT100 only had 5 finishers, as the cutoffs were mega-serious. RD's Howard Cohen and Mike Epler threw down a challenge, and many weren't up to it. This is a reminder of what a tough 100 has to offer, in a time when many buckle-chasers drawl "I'm gonna do a hun-doe..."