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Exhumed Poetry: I Am Home

A long time back, in the Golden Age Of the UltraList Salt Wars, a poet declaimed epic poetry as none other could, would, or did. Periodically here at Mr Trail Safety Speaks!, we'll present some of these immortal verses for your learned perusal.   I Am Home: The Poem Long ago and far away, I chanced a home to seek, But knew that it would not be found, On Gottapeepee Creek. I packed it up and headed West And Drove into the westward sun, For I was on a Vision Quest This was My Destiny to Run. I have been here for about 3 weeks, In my dreams for what I’ve yearned, The home I have always seeked, But now the trees are burned. The sylvan rapture is so weighty, The smells, jack rabbits, and the deer But I can rent movies over on I-80 And they’ve got my favorite beer. I’ve looked down on the old South Fork, With fishermen that wait, Who only think of spuds and pork And cutting some more bait. Yes! Here in the tall green pines. How can I fully convince? Only