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Voices Carry From SO Far Away

So far from List I have been mopin', I was unaware my account was still open. And for all of you who've been waitin' [hopin'], That Love's Cow-Poke has still been ropin'. My house will be finished in just about three days more, And from a great remove I hear the Listers roar, The bottomless well of salt and more, I heard a silent hand on My Heart's Door. I told wise folks back in Philly, I had my share of city-life [rilly!], Now I feel like a fresh young lily, Buyin' lotto tickets with Buck and Billy. My House of Love, of much is said, I have a second room--and a double bed, And o'er the floor you'll gently tread, And not disturb those getting Head. But let me tell you of this I know, For My FP tells me so, I hear his whistle while I go, Leaving golden tracks of yellow snow. Gosh! I feel better already. ORN: Avoided salt-trucks, dived into ditch. Maybe 4 miles tomorrow. With W