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Training Run 411

Newbies don't understand training run etiquette. It's not exactly their fault for ignorance, so let's drop some knowledge-nuggets. self-insert, self extract have a workable exit-strategy don't be a martyr know your limitations What does this mean? Details follow: You are responsible for your own actions. You are responsible for knowing how you're going to get out of situations. You are not going to burden your pals with your misery. Unless they truly enjoy that shit, you'll be running by yourself. If you insist on being a martyr for the greater glory of social media, go elsewhere. Seriously, nobody cares. I don't run at elite level, and the only place I'll realistically see the elite is at a finish line somewhere. They'll be seeing their grandchildren by the time I finish up. Then I can tell the kids what great studs their grands were when we started out. BTW: that pic is from  August 1990.  Once upon a time, all race finishes an