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RayMiller 30k: Splits ain't gonna suck themselves

This too can be yours. Oh, you must feel betrayed by age I'm reading from a later page    You can't hear me at your stage... — Oscar Brown Jr At the 2016 Ray Miller 30k start  today, I was chicked— yesterday. Waves of fine, talented women surged ahead and I was chill with all of it. Last time I'd done a 30k was probably 1987: the qualifier for the 1988 Catalina Marathon. Things were different then.  Snapping off a Pro Log But I was happy—I'd just recovered felony-function in my right arm. Six weeks earlier I'd skidded into an ER with a fractured upper-right humerus. As broken bones go, it was a stage 1 greenstick fracture: no bones sticking out of flesh, no cast or surgery. But it fucked up my life for the next 5 weeks. Hurt like hell, and all the rest. It was a replay of 2014's broken wrist. More drugs, now. The Self-Aggrandizing Dean Karnazes-grade Race Report Bullshit Here I'd originally signed up for the RM50k. When things be