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Grab A Cadaver: 2009 Update

Parts Is Parts! S elling body parts is an evergreen scandal. There's always a need, and supplies are limited. More or less. We here at Hellmouth Amalgamated PolySci always believe that recycling is good for everybody. So if you missed this original commentary from March 2004, you're in for a treat. Its still fresh and tasty. Human behaviour has a long shelf-life. Dig in! I am and remain, yr Humboldt Obliviant Idiom Savant Erasmus Binkster Rfp, SoQ, AMf Chancellor Emeritii Hellmouth Amalgamated PolySci Hellmouth CA Update: May 15 '09! Businessman found guilty in UCLA's willed body-parts program scandal Body broker Ernest V. Nelson, top, with defense attorney Sean McDonald, listens as he is convicted of selling cadaver parts for $1.5 million to private medical research companies. The body broker collected $1.5 million by selling cadaver parts to private medical research companies. A juror also faults the university for 'allowing something like this