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Recovered Ultra Memories

Lately I've been sleeping badly. Bright lights. Shadows. Feet. Numbers. Water-bottles. Hairy asses hanging out of shorts. Voices. Wide-eyed aliens wearing bib numbers. Then the Carboplex Anal Probe. I was having Recovered Ultra Memories. I got an entry into SJT50k. I took it. In a fogged dream state I drove to Arkham. There I logged on to the Miskatonic University List_Serve. Search terms "Cthulu, Salt, Elder Gods, VO2 Max". Hundreds of hits. I read them all. I began to feverishly study the UltraNecronomicon, looking for clues, portents, auguries, and divinations. I could hear the low batrachian gurgling. Nameless dread. Looks like I'll be at the starting line. Out of the corner of my eye I see the blighted minions of Yog-Sothoth lurking in the poison oak. With any luck I'll be at the finish line too.