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Check Your Watch!

He's still on his game. I was entered in the Sean O’Brien 50-miler, but a cold hard eye on my sad probable splits suggested I do something else that day. My likely seventeen hour ETA meant a DNF hook at the final Piuma Creek crossing, a mere 2 miles from the finish. Last month’s SOB50k had  several post-DFLs moseying in from here with no urgency, which meant penalty dollars to the race for going over their time limit from the Park Service. Yes, thats a buzz kill. For them. For you its a reminder to make your training count, and not be a dick. More on that in a bit. Why We Serve In that light I decided to volunteer to work at the 13/36mi aid station with Amy Berkin-Chavez and her crew. It beats game-shows and day-drinking. The fast and the furious came in and went out, they’re pretty much OK. Things got interesting when the early mid-packers arrive, and its a swirl to get them fueled up and gone.  Then you start seeing the late DFLs, who are probably going to get pulled