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What Would You Tell A Bank CEO?

MoveOn asked the question "What Would You Tell A Bank CEO?" Seems some CEO's might be asked some hard questions in committee in DC this week. They might cry a bit, and hope they can make it home without losing their pants. Or their place in line in Jackson Hole. Don't know what you would do, but this is what I said: Hey Bank President: 1/ Do you spend 50% of your take-home on rent? 2/ Are your incomes flat—for the last 15 years? 3/ Are you unable to take time off for healthcare because that would cut into your hourly pay? 4/ Have you missed a credit card payment and been told by the bank that your APR is now 25%? No. Didn't think so. I spit in your face. If I saw you walking by the side of the highway pushing a shopping cart, looking for cans and bottles, I'd be tempted to hit you. Just to watch you fly.