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J-Tree Lost Weekend Millenial VisionKwest 2.0

J-Tree Lost Weekend Millenial VisionKwest 2.0 "You Want It Bad, You Get it Bad. The Worse You Want It the Worse You get it." Sri Mahand IsFast. As was forecast by 'Casino Bingo' and 'Draw Poker', It Came To Be [r][tm]. This weekend's "J-Tree Millenial VisionKwest" at the Joshua Tree Nat Monument exceeded all boundaries of good taste and methane threshholds.Witness the following from a recovered- memory diary: >Hi Everybody! >Woke up real early, went to work, drank coffee, >talked on phone, went to office burfday partee, then >got in the car and drove 4 hours out to Joshua Tree. Woke up and >filled my bottles and traded split info with all the other >CRS JoggerDaddies I saw out there, including Bucky Kibble III, >We started to run on the Poontang Trail but soon got lost etc etc. He missed the boat. Sad to say, this diarist took a wrong turn, and ran in slow circles around the Big Casino off I-10. This is the same I-