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Idle-Hour Aid Station Update

Greeetings, Kampers! Yes! I am now the Idlehour CP captain. As befits other Mr Trail Safety endeavours, this will be the "Tough Love" aid station. The following changes will be made: 1] All cots will be retrofitted with #10 galvanized nails, in a proper upright grid formation on 1" centers. 2] All chairs will be removed except one, and that will be re-upholstered in "Mexican Security Baroque" ie broken beer bottles 3] Any runner entering whining will be forthwith encouraged to leave the AS under their own power. Inspirational literature will be read aloud. A 10' bullwhip has been ordered for this incentive. 4] Those runners who insist on arguing with the AS captain or crew will get their coffee thru the business end of a nozzle, administered to the suitable interface. 5] Any runners who whine really hard will see their worldly efffects dispersed to the roll of dice at the foot of whatever cross they bear. I think these will make the IdleHour