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An Immovable Feast, My Friends

Far-flung Suburbs Want Good Life Too AVEC LES COMMENTS D'IL SAVANT LE BUCKY KIBBLE,1,6820367.story?coll=la-headlines-california Most weeknights after 5 p.m., a line of patrons snakes around the Olive Garden restaurant in Palmdale, where hungry diners face an hourlong wait. The story is the same at the El Torito next door and the Red Lobster up the street, where the wait on Friday and Saturday can last two hours. PRE-LOAD WITH A JUMBO BURRITO, BYO MATCHES Just about every sit-down eatery in the west Antelope Valley has a line at the dinner hour because there are not enough sit-down restaurants to meet demand in the fast-growing region. WIDENING COMES TO MIND TOO. "I don't even consider it anymore," said a frustrated Barbara Lods, 43, a marketing representative from Lancaster. In the newly minted subdivisions and gated communities on the fringes of Southern California, residents express concern about traff