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Koach's Eulogy for Frosty

Today's a Day Without Mirth, In Kanine Happiness, there is a dearth, An uncritical audience exceeds its worth, For Frosty's left me, here on Earth. His favorite words were: "Let's Go Running", Even though he knew I was just funning, In small circles 'round [it's "Littleton-ing"], While by the swings, I'd be sunning. Frosty's in Heaven and getting started, Running laps with the dear departed, I'll remember him as I shuffle broken-hearted, While at Badwater -- shopping-kart'd.


POEM ABOUT REAL LOVE When the full moon transits Venus, Is when I start dreaming of gator Penis, Only in fall when leaves are golden, Doing hucklebuck like in days of olden. [still with me?] Now I'm running with tights so loose, The guys whistle seeing my lips of moose, A welcome change from hee-haws, Yes! I'm past menopause. [I'm on a roll! So spread me!!!] When days are chilly I'll eat clam chowder, Unadulterated by soy powder, No rigid veg can give me heat, Like a hot foot-long of gator meat. Oh my, Oh me I think I've got to pee. ---Lady Gee-Spot