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Musical Verities

Your morning is now ruined. Several of us were discussing this on Tuesday night. My favorite Backstreet Boyz songs from The 2-Pac Tribute Albumz are: FRONTIN-NOT-HUMPIN I'M WISHIN I WAZ FREAKIN YOUR SISTER IN HER PASSAT IF I BEG REAL NICE, CAN I DO YOU? MY UNDEROOS R 2 TITE PREP SCHOOL SLAP DOWN [3" REMIX] TAKIN IT TO THE CUL-DE-SAC MAX ZITZ GIRL, I THINK YOUR BOYFRIEND IS GAY MILKSHAKES AND ROOFIES IN ORLANDO and yes, YOUR MAMA'S PLACE IN CABO All this is to set the stage for your discovery of Rage Against The Machine's long-lost "Chiapas Sleigh-Ride: the Zapatista Xmas Album" . also, not to be missed: R Kelly: "Stray Cat Blues" Avril Lavigne: "Cher Before Her Thyme" Michael & John Bolton: "Classic Renditions" Richard Simmons: "Channeling John Lee Hooker" PS: you know you want this: "Britney Lip-Syncs Nico"

Trail Work, Playing Nice, and Other Topix

Uncle Hal WInton kicking it old-school, trail work. Hanta ho, truthseekers!  AC100 Trail Work This past Saturday I ascended the Aulde Mt Wilson-Phillips trail, departing the Shire of Sierra Madre, wherein the Hobbits were busy for another fine breezy day of debt-stacking down at the Santa Anita Mall, and perhaps the Racetrack. I, of course, was a mendicant on my way to see the first trail work of the new year, led by the inestimable Hal Winton. Uncle Hal, you may recall, is the co-RD of the AC100. In this capacity, he is the head of the AC100 Trail Volunteer Group. This entitles him to palaver, entreat, negotiate, commiserate, and cooperate with the local US Forest Service here in Southern California. On any given day he'd rather be blasting stumps, but these are the necessary steps to ensure that the Race has a place at the table when decisions are being made. Some of the decisions involve who gets to go where when roads wash out, when forests are tinder-dry, and when l