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The 2015 SKT Trail Running Movie

Film makers will shit a brick and die when they learn about the 2015 SKT Trail Running Movie. Its a documentary about me, dammit. Yes, my heroic metaphoric struggle for world dominance—at the 2015 Sean O’Brien 50—pushing a shopping cart. With a thundering musical soundtrack too. Maybe with a stray dog at a dark finish line. You'll see me:
...looking at the camera...recounting a teachable moment...digging deep, hiking the vert, busting the gnar, running my own race...cracking manly jokes...flirting w Aid-station hotties who are wearing balconette pushup halter-tops and 4” Maximum Drop CMFMs. And it's pouring rain. Don't ask why....bagging on elite dewds, etc for being over-talented, skinny punksCutaways to random various girlfriends looking regretful.

Diversity alert: Mexican girls commenting casually in Spanish, no subtitles. Mariachi music.

Aid station convoy entourage, with rub downs. Little umbrella. And it's pouring rain. A glancing mention of the new CR set by TBD… B…