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The Greatest Show: A Poem for Spring

The Greatest Show: A Poem for Spring

For your edification and enjoyment, from the "Poetry Korner
Kompilation" Erasmus Binkster, editor, [Coprolyte Press, Hellmouth CA,
2000], p 9. This slender volume has long been out of print, and is
somewhat difficult to find.

The Greatest Show: A Poem for Spring

See the pinks, the blues, the yellows, the Reds,
Watch the flowers open their pretty heads!
For it starts the road to summer,
In a field of glory, getting a hummer!

The sun is warm, and it dries my face,
As my equatorial zone starts its race!
The grasses change from brown to green,
And ladies asses in see-through dresses are everywhere seen!

All the cute fuzzy animals are to a Purpose Aligned,
The deer, the bear, the squirrel: One Mind,
The Primal Fandango is truly hard-wired,
Why just waking with wood, makes this boy tired!

With birds in the air, the clouds multi-layered,
With a song on their lips, that's Carole Bayer-Sager'd!
Tom-tits, jaybirds, robins-no slackers!
'Cause all these guys…