2022 AC100 Now Uphill Both Ways

  The 2022 AC100 is now an out & back due to forest & trail conditions from the 2020 Bobcat Fire.    Fun fact: its uphill from Chantry to Wrightwood. With a few downs interspersed. I learned that in Before Times, from Jimbo Training, ‘93-‘96.   Here are some fun sections: Islip backwards to Vincent Gap: 12mi Inspiration back to the start/finish: 10mi And of course The Fred Flintstone Scenic Stoner Wilderness, between Chilao and Three Points. Also the PGT* that runs under Mt "Sonny Boy" Williamson on Highway 2 back to Islip. So. The Wise Runner will learn the course backwards first. Because the AC course seriously DGAF about you. _________________________________________ *PGT: Pretty Good Tunnel, aka The Jimmy Moorhart Road Cone Section; again from Before Times.  

The Four Aggrievements Book!

The Four Aggrievements: A Practical Guide to My Personal Enrichment is a self-help book by bestselling author Dr Sevende Sandia, Obscure Mexican Mystic; with Yurik Skåld, noted scribe and age-group winner at various prestigious ultramarathon events. The book offers a code of conduct claiming to be based on ancient TikTok wisdom that advocates freedom from deleterious beliefs in refunds that may cause suffering and limitation in a person's personal wealth. First published in 1997, the book has sold over 9 million copies in the US[1] and has been translated into 69 languages worldwide, including demotic American English, and shit.[2] The book gained popularity after being endorsed by Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2001 and again on the television show in 2013.[3] The book was also on the New York Times bestseller list for over a decade.[1]* Various claims by Dr Sevende Sandia were vigorously disputed by Sixpak and Deepdik Chakra, who claimed in their suit of 2019 [MacAll

The Four Aggrievements

The Four Aggrievements The Four Aggrievements By Dr Sevende Sandia, Obscure Mexican Mystic, as transcribed by Yurik Skåld Channeling Ancient TikTok Wisdom for a new generation of seekers 1] Be Impeckerable with your words. Speak Impeckerably.
Avoid using $5 words when a $9 word
is available. Talk shit about people, because shit is the fertilizer 
of discourse. 
Use the power of those words
 in the erection of a Rundle. 
Look it up. 2] Don’t take personally what you can’t sue Nothing others do matters unless
it hurts your Divine Feels. 
What others say and do is grist for a threat. When you are immune
to the needless suffering of others,
you won’t be a victim of opinions 
and actions of others. 3] Don’t Make Needless Assays Find the courage to express and 
monetize your greed. Ex-communicate others whenever.
 With this One Aggrievement, you can 
completely transform your fortunes;
 from a broke-ass 1099 to an S Corp
of limitless prosperity. 4] Always Best Your Do Your Do is talking like

Installusia: Sketches Of Pain

I was a Flower of the Insta yes when I put emoji in my post like the Installusian girls used or shall I post a heart yes and how he Liked me on his timeline Yes and I thought swell as well Bot as another and then I Liked him with my Likes to Like again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my Insta flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my tags all influence yes and his post was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.  

Thee Influencer's Dilemma

When folk had laughed at my foolish biz, My hashtagged life of toil it is, Different folkes diversely said, To corporate masters you must give headde. Because I am strongge of Insta’s craft, I built myself a stout big raft, With mightye pictures in my postes, That were mocked by fools as shallow boastes. For follows large I pined for longly, Bengal troll farmes replied Me strongly! Ten thousande likes sprung from that spring raine, Silver left my purse with muche greate paine. If you kneweth History then You’d Understande, The fearsome logge I holde in my hande, Forget that Once Was I when I got Chickked Remember what I’ve done for Sportte, and Shitte. --- And thus concludes today's reading. For an elder prose version, read this .

The ShopKartist

  One eccentric billionaire’s quest to put a cart on Mars?   The ShopKartist is a the story of a hero's journey. Here is the dialog between noted media consultant Dr Casino Bingo and the D&L Marketing Team discussing how to market this gem. ---------------------------------------------------- D&L Marketing Team Back to the cart. Work with me on this...I’m thinking... The product stream... The cart developmental story. A young basket full of potential. A cart in its prime testing its boundaries. A electro cart past its prime yet still contributing. The investigative journalism angle how did a cart in its prime end up here broken and neglected. Substance abuse? Nature vs nurture? Chemtrails. Vaccine status? But there’s more. Where was/ is this...wait for it...the cartography if you will. Conejo Alps? Near the terminus of the Conejo glacier? Partially buried with paleo artifacts nearby to offer glimpses of the past.  ---------------------------------------------------- Dr Cas

Destination Candice

Candice Burt is building Destination Trail as an elite brand, positioning herself as the lifestyle avatar of that identity. In April 2021, she swore off Facebook and Twitter, because “she didn’t want to be on the menu.” I think she cited the male gaze on this. A month later she reversed course, and now Facebook, Insta and Twitter were her, all the time. Its A Material World The media landscape has been transformed. What were once vices are now habits. Insta and TikTok enable a performative intimacy that might not have happened earlier.
 We’ve seen this before. House Kardashian: where Kim transitioned from Paris Hilton’s Closet-Keeper to a freestanding multi-billion dollar brand family. These ranked charts show where Candice Burt & Destination Trail figure in the landscape. CB/DT has a stronger Insta presence, and short-memory visuals drive impulse buying.  Weird Science. Obviously Kim K will probably never run an ultra, but she’s here to show top-end. Other notable ultra-entities