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Kodiak Will Eat AC100's Lunch

This is Ruperto Romero, 2014 AC100 winner, 10-time AC100 finisher at this year's AC100. But he's not running it. He's pacing Ulises Reyes to an eventual 25:56:50 finish. I totally did not expect to see him that day.

He'd been not invited back to AC this year. Think about that for a second. Or not. 

Ruperto is lining up on Aug 25 at the Kodiak 100 in Big Bear. He loves to race, and was not going to be denied. And this is one reason why Kodiak will eat AC's lunch.
AC100 Takes Two To The ChinOne: Hal Winton, venerated co-RD, died this past May.

Two: the original race course from Islip Saddle [25mi] is now a 12-mile asphalt beatdown to Three Points [42.72], with a trail section up and over to Mt Hillyer [49,78], eventually rejoining the original course at Chilao [52.8] then Short Cut Saddle [59.3]. Then you get an eye-opening trail workout to Red Box, then rejoining the Original Course at Newcomb's Saddle [69].

This is due to the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness Area, whe…