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Congrats! You Won The AC100 Lottery!

Congratulations! You've won the AC100 Lottery! Some of you haven't done more than a marathon. You'll do a Care Bear 50mi qualifier, perhaps on a downhill course, with trees and a tailwind, sunny and 72º F. You may show up for an official training run, then go home and crack a beer. You're in for a rude surprise: It won't mean shit to Angeles Crest. Because AC is everything your low-voltage qualifier is not. More on that here, and here.

The 2017 Angeles Crest 100 kicked off with 80 DNS. This was up from 60 of last year. No refunds, no waiting list, no explanations. That's a nice payday.

The 2018 Entrant Lottery promised and delivered. It was beta-tested in 2016, and deemed fit to run.
I'll Ask The Awkward Questions, Again.Nothing has changed. Following the 2014 entry-scrum, I posted the following ideas:
All entrants must prequalify with 2 50s or 1 100, using the list of races that WS100 had already figured out. Right now it's "get a 50 done whenever&…