Enough With Bad-Ass Already

Somebody runs an ultra, and now they’re bad-ass. The social-media confetti showers down. And compared to the baseline fitness of our wide-butt culture, they are. Butt! You’re comparing yourself to a demographic that walks 200yds and has to refuel. On pavement. At a theme-park.

Leaving that behind, now you’re in UltraLandia. But not so fast with that Bad-Ass Prom King or Queen crown. Here’s a convenient checklist to help out.

If you…

  • had a drop bag for a 50k
  • had pacers for a 50-mile or 100k
  • had a crew for a 50-mile or 100k
  • Finally, If you had pacer[s], crew/entourage for a 100
Then you aren’t bad-ass. You’re competent.

Try running a 100mi solo. You get to manage your own shit. All of it. You don’t get to drift along behind/in front of your pacer, who might be muling shit, etc. Afraid of the dark? Problems with being lonely? This gets right to the core of it all.

Do a bunch of these like that and then, maybe, you’re bad-ass.

Don’t get me wrong—pacers can be fun and all the rest. But don’t get ahead of yourself.


Jana said…
Meh. I've done ultras both ways. Either way, it's just a fun hobby, folks. Nobody is curing cancer out there.
Mr Trail Safety said…
You mean we're not? Damn. Guess that GoFundMe was a scam after all.
Sam Bosworth said…
when I see people at aid stations with facial expressions designed WWI trench fighting I like to remind them they 1) paid for this and 2) are supposedly doing it for fun
Michael said…
You're likely badass when you duct tape your nutsack to finish UTMB.
Anonymous said…
That's all you've got to say? Are you 15yo or something??
Jeremy C said…
You mad bro?
Anonymous said…
Sorry friend, 100 miles is only badass if you do it without using checkpoints and with one eye closed.

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