AC100: Whole Lotto Love

Stay tuned for the U-Decide-When-U-Finish Buckle, new for 2017!
The Lottery for the 2017 Angeles Crest 100 kicked off on Monday, Aug 8, 2016. It only had 214 names, so race management put it on hold until Thurs, Aug 11. More names were added. 

The lottery software is reputedly LottoWare 404, and is based on the Random Rejection With RD Override Algorithm; conducted at a secure, undisclosed location somewhere in the world. 

By contrast, the Western States 100 Lottery is:
  1. a manual draw in front of a live audience, Placer HS, weekend after Thanksgiving. 
  2. Entry window: A week in November, several months after that year's race
  3. Pre-qualifications already in place
  4. New for 2017: a wait-list! Adapted from the Hardrock 100, its an idea that may have unforeseen consequences if it survives the harsh passage over the San Gabriel Mountains.
Of course, that's way too difficult for RD Ken Hamada to implement. 

There will also be 1 nominated entrant from each aid station captain, and medical staff. That last one is vague because how many med-staffers were there exactly? And of course, RD Ken Hamada picks at the last minute [no kidding!]. That one is never acknowledged publicly, which accounts for muted cries of WTF? from those left standing on the runway as the AC100-2017 gets airborne.

Of course everybody pays in immediately after they get picked. Then they get to sweat the qualifying run, and trail work. Which should be interesting for the Hong Kong, China and Switzerland entries.

Stay tuned, this should be interesting.


Pete said…
Hi Larry, there were 24 med staffers to answer your question

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