AC100 Awards: Decoded and Explained

This explains the inexplicable.

You think I'm making this up? From the AC100 Racebook.
The original AC100 Awards diagram didn't do this masterpiece justice. So now its described by a cryptic 3D graphic, and in a fancy frame. If you made the Two Minute Lottery Cutoff, and then make it past Cloudburst on Race day, you'll have 33 hours to ponder this. 

 AC100 RD Ken Hamada came up with this Awards structure decades ago. Nobody's ever been able to make sense of it. Unless you had a degree in advanced calculus, or had a lot of time left over from solving Mysteries of the Illuminati, chem-trails, Bermuda Triangle, whatever.

And no matter who you are, nobody rides for free.


Bib #13 said…
Ken must have been dropping acid he wrote this.....I don't see any other explanation. Holy crap. It's just...insane.
Mr Trail Safety said…
Who needs LSD when you have delusions of grandeur?

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