Lance Armstrong Panics UltraLandia!

Mr Trail Safety gets Lance Armstrong's attention for 1/10 sec.

Lance Armstrong wins a fat-ass trail race! Circle the wagons, Mabel! Lock and load the PowerBars!!

Hold up here. 35k is not an ultra, its a sub-marathon of 21.748 miles. Furthermore, its a Fat-Ass, which used to mean "no fee, no aid, no whining". No telling what it means now. He's got a way to go yet.

Armstrong was a rip-roaring bastard to Floyd Landis, Greg LeMonde, and anyone that stood in his way. To have him compete in a sport with weak/non-existent doping protocols [because most races can't afford it] is pure parasitism.

That said, over the years there have been flurries of excitement as various tri-geeks strap on a 50k with great fanfare, then quietly disappear after their first 50mi flameout. As Bill Rogers commented on a 1994 CBS "Eye On Sports" Leadville 100 feature: "Its 12+hours, and most of the runners aren't even half done yet. In an Ironman, most would be heading for the finish by now"
Go ahead, take that buckle! Everyone's a winner here!


David Campbell said…
Trail runners have always been a very mixed, strange, and accepting bunch. If you are crazy enough to put on your shoes so you can run up a mountain you have always been welcome. Lets keep trail running what it's always been. If a worn out, juiced up cyclist with anger issues wants to run trails we should welcome him. He is just as wacked out as the rest of us. Lance you and anyone else can run trails with me any time. See you all on the trails.

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