The 2015 SKT Trail Running Movie

Metaphor of my heroic struggle. Santa Barbara, Feb 1980.
Film makers will shit a brick and die when they learn about the 2015 SKT Trail Running Movie. Its a documentary about me, dammit. Yes, my heroic metaphoric struggle for world dominance—at the 2015 Sean O’Brien 50—pushing a shopping cart. With a thundering musical soundtrack too. Maybe with a stray dog at a dark finish line. You'll see me:
  • ...looking at the camera 
  • ...recounting a teachable moment
  •  ...digging deep, hiking the vert, busting the gnar, running my own race
  •  ...cracking manly jokes
  •  ...flirting w Aid-station hotties who are wearing balconette pushup halter-tops and 4” Maximum Drop CMFMs. And it's pouring rain. Don't ask why
  • ....bagging on elite dewds, etc for being over-talented, skinny punks
Cutaways to random various girlfriends looking regretful.

Diversity alert: Mexican girls commenting casually in Spanish, no subtitles. Mariachi music.

Aid station convoy entourage, with rub downs. Little umbrella. And it's pouring rain. A glancing mention of the new CR set by TBD… But never mind! It's all about me! Edit clips for motivational talks. See kids… you too can be a dick.

Voice over of a dead personage telling a joke at a forgotten celebrity roast, while the camera lingers longingly on somebody's girlfriend. Cutaway to boys rolling their eyes, making faces, hand-farts. Maybe a mention about how I got comped into the Idatard 100. This will be the main doc in the 2015 Trailrunning film festival circuit.

I’m in the Airstream trailer, right now. Let’s talk.
Buckle for the Idatard 100. Everyone's a winner.


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