24.99 Facts About Me

1. The money I didn't make in my earlier years was inversely proportional to the cool things I was doing

2. I shoot film in mid-century semi-vintage cameras. By the time I die I'll be shooting with an 8x10 view camera using very slow film.

3. I'm really glad I quit smoking. Everything. In 1981.

4. I've been riding bikes since I was 7 yrs old. The thrill never fades.

5. Garlic and cayenne are Nature's way of saying you're special

6. I hate looking for work

7. I don't believe in God, or any of the prophets. My religious notions reside between Haitian Voudou and Tibetan Buddhism

8. I have better friends now than I ever did before.

9. Other people do marriage way better than me.

10. I've got at least 5 good photo books in me. Getting them out is going to be the fun part.

11. Tango gave me a new viewpoint.

12. I need to travel more.

13. Espresso

14. 86% of the drivers in Los Angeles should be on bicycles—everyone would benefit.

15. My math grades in elementary school were "D-minus above grade level". That's a magnet school for you.

16. Red wine and single malt, but never together

17. Everyone in favor of the War in Iraq: it's your turn. Not so fun now, is it?

18. The statute of limitations on comedy never expires, and hunting season on highway signs never closes. "Caddyshack". Funny, huh?

19. Arabic, Indian, Persian music: good. Chinese music sets my teeth on edge

20. Bond movies are my kind of musical: fast cars, physical mayhem, guns-n-fireworks, and a couple of hotties before the final curtain— with a butt-floss plot to tie it all together.

21. My "Guy To-Do List": learn to stunt drive, shoot a .50 cal machine gun, operate a backhoe, sail a catamaran. I've already learned how to bake a cake, and gone to dance classes.

22. I like going to a neighborhood joint and having a good meal with my girlfriend who's the bomb. Glad I took the upgrade to girlfriend

23. Dinah Washington could teach plenty to today's vocalistas.

24. Get a photo exhibition at a hot gallery

24.99. Keeping my New Year's Resolution not to have sex with super- models.


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