Image: Artist as yet unknown. Scan of original 11x17" graphic, swiped from a telephone pole in the Glassell Park/Eagle Rock area, Los Angeles, CA.

Nov 4, '08

Yes, it happened.

I didn't expect Johnny Mac to concede as early as he did. We'd just finished dinner and were about to head out when Karen said "lets check, I don't want to hear this in a cab".

So we did, and saw the live video stream. This is all too perfect! I never expected to see this in my lifetime—esp after the last 8 yrs of hardboiled willful ignorance, thievery, criminality and pasty-faced incompetence.

Obama's speech was simply perfect. All the right points, and didn't waste people's time saying it.

Oh, the work that lies ahead.

In the meantime, I'm savoring the joy of seeing the hosers and posers of the Johnny Mac Road show [Sarah the Impaler, Joe the Plumber, Willie the Pimp, and all the Angry White Faces] choke on a fucking chicken bone.

Game over, bitches!


Dana Ross said…
I'm looking forward to the next eight years. Do you think there will be a baby born in the White House?
Jay Anderson said…
OMFG indeed! I was so happy to see this result. I noticed the news media waited just until the California polls closed and then announced the obvious - that Obama won California and therefore the election.

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