Sarah Palin

The sudden rise of Sarah Palin prompted me to think about Andrei Codresceu's "Blood Countess". Imagine what might happen if Johnny Mac dies on the campaign trail. Do you think Palin is going to let Cindy and Karl stop her?

I don't think so.

The tiger is well and truly out of the cage now. My money is that once she gets her sea-legs, she'll chew her way through these flabby white men like a chainsaw.

More disturbing about Palin is her glittering capacity for cruelty. I have no beef on hunters who eat what they kill, but shooting wolves out of a helicopter is cold-blooded serial murder. If she's so much the shit, and the Freepers are jacking off in a frenzy over her, how come she doesn't run on foot and give chase with a spear?

Furthermore, if she's all about less government, what's with the Books She Didn't Like as mayor of Wasilla?

The first thing these self-styled Big Faith/Small Government types like to do is get inside your head and tell you what you can't do, because your freedom pisses them off. And your inability and unwillingness to conform to their narrow, nasty views terrifies them.

No disrespects of course. Just askin'.


Dana Ross said…
Sarah Palin. Ughhhh!. What country should I move to if she is elected vp? Super scary.

We have to win this one. It's imperative.
I wanted to go to a Halloween party as Ms. Palin a few nights ago but my plans were foiled when I realized that, funny, one can't run down to the local Walmart and pick up a shotgun in the UK as easily as in Idaho. ;)

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