Re: JMT record fever


It's always good hearing from you! Seeing that we're all real busy these days, I'll make this short and to the point.

1] I stand by my observations.

2] Sharp-focus commentary is not "picking on you"; it's part of the "balls to wall" experience.

3] If I am living a dull and creativity-challenged life, let me know. I'll be at Highline 50 next week, Mile 44.

[But, time's a wasting! Back to the main show...]

4] I don't dispute your reasons for pre-announcing your intentions. What was fascinating how you two did it. The terms "enabled" and "enabling" come to mind; along with "safari hunting with a brass-band".

5] Unsupported. Unsupported. Unsupported.

Big noises about that. Now it's easy to say otherwise. Whether or not Tweit, Hoff, LaCava or anybody else had support is beside the point. It was all about *you*, baby. Being unsupported was going to make the whole shebang real *special*.

Furthermore: I know I'd be feeling a *whole lot better* if I got a ride to a comfy-squishy motel, then a ride back up to the point of departure to complete the run. Maybe we ought to try this out at Western States, or maybe Leadville. I'll bet everybody will find something to like about this idea!

[And this is the part where we pull back a little bit...]

6] Name calling requires a broader vocabulary. I'd suggest night school if I thought it would help.

7] Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, its a job thing.

8] Anytime you are in SoCal, look me up. I'm sure I can arrange an unsupported run that will satisfy.

[Group hugs from Barney here]


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