AC100 Course Preview [Hummeresque]

For those who are running Angeles Crest 100 this weekend, the following is a summarized course overview.

Wrightwood to Three Points (0-40mi)
Enjoy briefly the tall trees and cool air until you reach Cooper Cyn. Every effort will be made to have the parabolic mirrors and the trail-embedded heating coils turned on and focused for maximum effect. For all you eager trail-monsters, the fun stops at Three Points. Sorry! The gates of Hell will have to wait until later!!

HIGHLIGHTS: Look for the Chucky Cougar Cooper Cyn Ice-Cream Stand. Specialties include vanilla drumsticks with the Jumbo Spanish Olive in each one.

Three Points to Chantry (40-75)
With the troublesome cool air and tall trees providing character-debilitating shade out of the way, you can focus on the clear blazing sunlight and refreshing heat! The tour starts at Three Points, then progressing through the scenery-challenged low hills of Sulfur Springs. After an all-too-brief stay on blacktop to Mt Hillyer, you can enjoy the majesty of the Fred Flintstone Scenic Wilderness. Keep an eye out for stoner Barneys and Betties!

Aficionados relish the next 16 miles, and prefer to run it in high-noon late summer conditions to truly appreciate it's exotic splendor. When crossing through to Newcomb's, be sure to pick up spicy hot-links and pickle brine at the road-crossing, which lacks real zest unless its at least 100! Continue to Build Character until you get into Santa Anita Cyn, and keep an eye out for our rattling friends, the West Coast Diamond-Back Rattler! They like you, they really do!!

HIGHLIGHTS: Look for the Victoria's Secret Hospitality Tent in the middle of the West Fork Cyn.

Chantry to Finish (75-100)
This is the part you've all been waiting for. After an invigorating early morning stroll up to the Mt Wilson toll-road, hit the afterburners and get on down into Idle Hour Cyn.

2009 Update:
Bored with your Upper Winter Creek to Manzanita Bypass training run leg? Take a left turn at the jct of the Upper WInter Creek/Mazanita Bypass and experience the original Manzanita Ridge Trail.

I did it recently and got a full blast of old-school climbs, bumps, and drops. Possibly the steepest part of the original course, this section probably ate more buckles than any other, yard for yard from '86-'98. At night it's even more dramatic when you pop up like a gopher from the Upper Winter Creek, and get the full light and dull roar of the megalopolis below.

Of course it brought back fun memories of scratching like a toy doggie on a vertical parquet floor on race night.

Continue thru on the current course to the Mt Wilson Toll Road. Down to Idle Hour you go! Its the last giveaway section of the course. Enjoy it.

Just when you've had enough downhill, the upward trails beckon you. Now it's 9 miles of Heat, Dust, & Dreams until Millard Campgrounds, where squirrels have semi-autos to toy with rock-throwing children. Never a dull moment here!

The last 4 miles will introduce you to the many pony-tailed, mountain-biking circus freaks who may or may not see you on the trail! Don't worry, they'll go over the edge and you won't!!

HIGHLIGHTS: You will be passing through, and maybe falling into specimen groves of the Rush Limbaugh Experimental Poison Oak Forest. This is a "not-to-be-missed" excursion.

We hope you will have enjoyed your weekend. Remember, If You Can Bonk It You Can Do It®™


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