NSAIDS: Ultra-convenient Whipping Boy

A while back there were a spate of posts on the presumed dangers and evils of NSAIDS. Whooooooooo, was I scared. There were sober-faced recitations of all the really Baaaaaad things that it would do to you, followed by 2nd-hand fatuous advice from MDs regarding same.

But guess what? NSAIDS were taking the heat for incompetent training, bad "coaching" advice, and poor judgement by many ultrarunners. Several years ago, we were all treated to an account of a gal who turned her guts inside out at Across the Years, who was dehydrated, went to the hospital, was a CCU guest and all that...and NSAIDS got the rap.

I can hear the wailing now, and little hands pounding away on the keyboards. Relax, it'll get yr minds off Jeopardy questions regarding the Southern flag, [of which there are 2: the civil ensign and the battle flag, but that's one for the re-enactors out there].

I digress. Where were we...pain killing! Pain killers MASK pain. Imagine. Blocks transmissions at critical neurons. Of course it screws with kidney function. But wait a minute! You're running an ultra, and that DOESN"T screw with kidney function? Sorry, that was *you* getting in touch with Gawd out there.

So. My advice to all who choose to ignore it this:

  1. Train better. Which means work on form, distance, endurance and BALANCE
  2. Race way less often. Most ultra-idiots race so much they have no time to train. This is like woodcutters who are so busy they have no time to sharpen the axe. And nothing is more dangerous than a dull axe.
  3. In your off hours, drink lots more water, and a lot less beer.
  4. If some dip-dunk is holding out on you for fluids, deck them, drink up, and when you finish...go home. 



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