Another Tedious Training Run Posting

Greetings! VisionKwesters!!

This past weekend Dr Casino Bingo [Andy Röth] and yrs ever truly, Draw Poker; commenced, delivered and finished a short and indolent 25-mile training run. On Saturday. Wrightwood to Islip Saddle, a clean 25.

I can hear the snickers and guffaws from some of you, but rest assured, in the best tradition of various List etiquettes, you can multiply all the mileage listed by 2.14 if it makes you feel better. I did, & I feel great.

All Great Runs commence with idiocy. If you haven't done this lately, try it. The feeling of accomplishment is enhance if your shorts are a tad tight. I left my hat and sunblock in the finish-line car. Dr Bingo left his post-run sandals at the start. I was able to buy a hat at the start in Wrightwood. It was worthy, but made my ass look too big.

We got to fumble around at the top of Acorn Drive, and managed to lose the trail. After doubling back and forth, in a rhythmic display of incompetence, an up-gully scramble was arranged which got us in touch with our inner-trail selves. From there it was a lead-pipe cinch to follow the Auras of the Great on the fabled AC100 Trail.

Whereupon we encountered Caesar Cepeda at Vincent Gap, who was effusive in his directed profanity and invective in his feelings of tenderness and devotion to the indifferent mass of Mt Baden Powell. His mastery was evident, as he had 3 prior ascents that day alone to construct his thoughts. When we left him at the near-summit junction, it was evident that his next move tended towards deconstruction.

We then abandoned a group of Boy-Scouts that were installing a large wooden sign on the ridge. It had the color and surface aspect of a large graham cracker, and would undoubtedly be treated as such by certain species of knife-carrying termites. But leaving them to their tasks, we headed down the trail that would eventually finish at the car.

The weather was cool and clear, which will be fondly remembered later this summer as the Weekend Of Living On Borrowed Time.

People ask us "What do you think about when you are out for hours on end?" We discussed many deep topics, as is customary and worthy of Over-Educated Morons. Most devolved on the nature of noted Best Unsupported Actresses in this year's crop. One idea which emerged from the VisionKwest Idea Korral was a sequel to "Being John Malkovich". The working title at this time is "Fucking Meg Ryan". We feel it has wide appeal, great venture capital potential, and should release us from our day jobs fairly shortly.

We finished as Heroes, where once we were kings. Eating peanuts and drinking cokes at Islip while brain-dead is a pleasure accorded to few, while driving back to Wrightwood is the lot of many. We did both, and then brewed up an espresso in Wrightwood, before riding the multi-laned Interstate snake down to the Casino Bingo Compound in Upland CA.

On Sunday I felt the full weight of my sinful exertions on Saturday, and contented myself with a 12-mile drag up the Ice-House Cyn on Mt Baldy to Ontario Peak. The view was totally bitchin', but there was a championship Motorcycle Sand Hockey Match live from Uzbekistan that I had money on, so we beat it down the mountain quick-fast. Besides, the interactive Britney Spears kiosks were out of order--again!

Until next time,
Mr Trail Safety


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