Statistical Dredging = Junk Science

A nameless truthseeker once wrote:

Shouldn't there also be some correlation with acute injuries other than
sprains, if the "sweets connection" hypothesis is true? Falls, etc.?


Wake up! Let's call this statistical dredging what it is: JUNK SCIENCE.

I don't know about the rest of the List, [or at least the parts of the List that still have Critical Brain Mass left], but this is meaningless!

However, using this seductive analytical model, we can now describe definite links between the following Categories:

Men => Hard-Ons
Women => Menstrual Cramps
Night => Darkness
Nipple Chafe => Bloody T-shirts

Lets also include links between the remaining categories as well:

Ultras => Fatigue
Trail Dirt => Brown Socks
PowerBars => Funny Little Animals
Letters to "Penthouse" => Reality

and so on.

The point is, ladies and gentlemen; that any sort of linkage can be created using any 2 contrasting terms/words/conditions, and that statistical models can be constructed accordingly.

Fun? Yes. Meaningful? No.

Remember, it wasn't so long ago that "experts" cited "statistics" to "show" that women who ran "risked" a prolapsed uterus.


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