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Summer School: 1996

Subject: Summer School

Knowing that one has to maintain job and interpersonal interfacing technologies to their optimum levels, the FUDD ENDOWMNT FOR COMPETENCE is dedicated to mainstreaming info-applicants in the manner to which they've become accustomed to. Therefore, LED's & Digitals, we proudly present...

Brief & Total® Success Immersion Weekends Offerings For Summer 1995, Updated and re-treaded for Summer 1996.

Held at the tastefully lavish and garish BoehnerDome ConventionPlex, 1133686 MilSpec Thruway, Hellmouth CA. (Just south of downtown off the I-666 Menendez Freeway, next to the Family-Fun Indoor Artillery Range).

These exclusive and highly successful weekend seminars are now within the reach of opposable thumbs like yours. Today’s recognized leaders will be on hand to lead the weekend workshops. Join us for some of the upcoming seminars!
•Genital Warts, Ethics and You
•White Guys Can’t Make Jello.
•Why Elle Mac…

True Spring Break

Dear Editors:

I never thought I'd be writing to you about something like this. I always used to think that this happened to other guys. 

Anyway, I was out in Malibu on Spring Break several weeks ago from Rump-Roast College in Indiana. I didn't know anybody really so I thought I'd go to the beach and try my luck with the local betties. Things were looking pretty bad. It took a hell of a long time to park my dad's car, and I finally got a space hear a fireplug for ten bucks. Score! Then I nearly dropped the car keys into the urinal.

But anyway, I had just woken up from a nap when I felt eyes upon me. I turned around and saw the most awesomely stacked green-eyed blonde babe I had ever laid eyes on. I was drawn irresistably to her firm, swelling breasts and hard perky nipples which were insistently thrusting through her low-cut Pep Boys t-shirt. Her long, smooth tanned legs went from the ground all the way up to her incredibly tight little ass which was barely contained by a …