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Another Sunday-School Ultra Run

Another Sunday-School Ultra Run
25 Miles up the old Mt Wilson Trail

Sun Nov 17 2002, 0702 start

Simultaneous finish [listed randomly]
6:43 John Doe #1/Andy Roth
6:43 John Doe #2/Jay Grobeson
6:43 John Doe #3/Mike "the Serb" Dimkich
6:43 John Doe #4/Mr Trail Safety

[Dan Stumpus joined us for part of the event, but was restrained by
hamstring problems from the Full Measure].

The route followed the following circuit:
Old Mt Wilson Trail out of Sierra Madre-->
Manzanita Ridge-->
Mt Wilson-Phillips-->
Chantry Flats-->
Upper Winter Creek-->
Manzanita Ridge-->
Old Mt Wilson Trail back down to Sierra Madre.

We were there to celebrate the repoening of the Forest. Chantry
remains closed and will probably be more closed than open in the
months to come due to construction, weather, and the inscrutable
motives of the Sierra Madre Police Dept.

Enough of that!

This no aid/fee/whining/bullshit run was a Record Setting Unsupported
Benefit for Little Tommy Krull in Dalla…