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Ultra-Whining Checklist 3.0

A long time back, many dog-years ago in 1997, we rolled out the the UltraWhining Checklist [Golden Showers Beta Version].

But...a whole new crop of contendahs have sprung up, and institutional memory fades. The role of the Internet has radically shifted the Dialog Paradigms ®™. It's now YouR Website-R-U.

So here, a somewhat updated Klassic for your delectation. And if you are easily offended, read thru to the bottom and get your money's worth.

Ultra-Whining Checklist 3.0

I attribute my DNF(s) to the following reasons: (if there are additional causes, use the back of this form)

Ia. Early Years

My formative years were dramatically warped by the following:

1) I was dropped on my head as a child.
2) My past life as Cleopatra was miserable.
3) Demons were a regular part of home life.
4) I was allergic to beets.
5) I was tragically misunderstood.
6) My invisible playmates always abandoned me.

Good. Now we are getting somewhere. Carry on, you're looking good!

Ib. Recent…