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Scout Mountain Ultras: DFL, DNF....Aaah, What The Hell

When I dropped at Mile 32 I gave my DFL/DNF podium speech, picked up the keys to the Benzo, thanked my sponsors.

Luke Nelson puts on a very tough race with amazing volunteers. The Scout Mountain Ultras [100/50/21 miles] is old school in the best way possible, with a Zero Douche Factor. Finish line at Mink Creek is quiet, but maybe the mosquitoes hadn't woken up yet. 

But now, back to my shit:

Then I drove on down that Lonesome Highway to a Happy End.  
[Insert Interlude of Beautiful Music]Now, for something to really jerk off to, where the fine blend of butt hurt is laid on [wait for it....] THICC
That's this season's meme-worthy term, kid you not.
In the beginning is the end, and shit.Just prior to the 0500 start I was trying to stay warm by a fire, knowing I'd be sweating like a pig within a mile. Two local guys were discussing ultra-injuries, and other people's marital/romantic train wrecks. It all began to ble…