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AC100: Wait List Of Glory

Just when the AC100 is getting its act together, it reverts to form. 

Rene Dorantes won it in 2018. And here he is, #93 on the wait-list. Really?

The previous year's winner used to be invited/admitted into the next year's race. This used to be customary and automatic.Another quaint and delirious custom from a bygone epoch is now buried in a shallow grave.

Which begs the question: who's gonna get Bib #1? Again, this used to be worn by the previous year's champion. And the following 9 bibs were worn by other worthies of note. Things like this will be fun to note when they're assigned.

Think I'm kidding? See for yourself.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Somebody got woke, on or around Jan 2 2019:

Revised Dec 31 1400hrs. Because I'm pissed.
Further updated Jan 5 2019, with some good news:

Invitational Ultras

The Few, The Wowed, The ChosenSoon top-tier ultras will be invitationals. Demand, and instant online signups are driving this. The HardRock 100 is a conspicuous example. Their field is capped at 145, because of remote aid-station space/logistic constraints. Nobody is particularly happy with the lottery for whatever reason; full qualification details here

Solution: make it an Invitational. That removes the whole lottery/convoluted entry process/RD Sharpie Thing. Then the disgruntled can bitch about that too. Most ultra-lotteries are cryptic events anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Further down the list, change the qualifications. Like maybe have 2-5 qualifying 100s done before you enter the inner circle of elite 100s. Ditch the 100k or 50miler as a qualifier. It hasn't been 1986 for a long time now.
Flying Wait-List Standby So you didn't get in to your dream 100, now you're wait-listed. Great! Lets say you're 93rd at the venerable AC100. Based on prior years, that mig…